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Understand, Unblock and Advance on Your Life Path

OMNAMO Life Path Pendulum Therapy

Pathfinder Jay

If you yearn to be truly free, start by identifying your life path and your obstacles

If your life is suffering blockages related to your job, finances, relationships or health then OMNAMO Pendulum Therapy may be right for you. It combines the ability to see into the root causes of your blockages with techniques to free those energies in one quick and easy session.


Common areas where OMNAMO Pendulum Therapy is applied include:

  • Money and Finances
  • Career or Life Path
  • Relationships
  • Health, weight, wellbeing

Using OMNAMO I connect with the invisible forces influencing your life and help you to illuminate and heal those forces that are not contributing to your personal progression and happiness.

The OMNAMO pendulum system for amazing precision and accuracy in identifying blockages

With a background in technology and frustrated by the limitations of tarot decks and other tools I have spent years developing OMNAMO to be an incredibly comprehensive system for investigating every aspect of life.

Imagine a tarot deck with 10,000 cards and you begin to appreciate the breadth and potential of OMNAMO.

Here's just a small sample of how you can find insights into your life with my OMNAMO Pendulum Therapy sessions.

  • Shadow / archetypes
  • Past life / parallel life energies
  • Traumas and trapped emotions
  • Chakra / light body imbalances
  • Negative ego patterns
  • Unconscious contracts / pacts / vows
  • Higher self / soul blockages
  • Unconscious fears

Beyond divination to healing

While I am a believer in the value of tarot and oracle card readings you're typically left with the challenge afterwards of what do I do now? You may know why you're experiencing a blockage but be unsure of how best to deal with it.

With my system we not only focus on finding your blockages but on how to heal them. Whatever can be healed during our session will be addressed but often follow-up exercises will be included to insure that the healing sticks for the long-term.

What to expect

During a typical session you will identify areas of your life you wish to unblock. Through a process of investigation we will access thousands of virtual "puzzle pieces" in the OMNAMO system that will help us to bring your root causes to the surface for recognition and healing.

Together we uncover the hidden stories behind your obstacles so that you can leave them behind and begin living the joyful, prosperous life you desire!

Get ready for an experience that will change your life! 🌟✨

Available in person at our center in the Riverside area of Jacksonville or online.

⏰🌿 Duration: 1 hour

🌟 Exchange: $125 $88 limited time sale price

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