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Do you truly believe that you deserve a more fulfilling life? We certainly do! And that's what we aim to deliver for every person that works with us. Our therapies are transformational and our clients come away with a greater sense of peace, wellbeing and happiness. Read on and see for yourself!

"Yesterday I experienced a miracle guided by the hands and words of Alejandra. I had worked with multiple therapists in the past, trying to heal some very deep wounds related to my parents, but I never really achieved a sense of release and deep healing until my rebirthing session with Ale. I had never worked with an intuitive healer like her so frankly didn’t know what to expect, I just had a sense that she could help me, and she certainly did!"


Louisiana, USA

"Jay has transformed my life with his exceptional services. From the beginning, his passion for alternative therapies captivated me, and over time, his deep connection with the spiritual has greatly enriched my therapy sessions. His confrontational questions are remarkable, and his ability to strategically see and guide as a coach is unsurpassed. With his business experience, Jay offers a unique strategic vision that deeply and systematically combines spiritual guiding with personal development. I am grateful for the significant change he has achieved in my life."



"What we worked on has been very useful to me, especially the regression to my childhood where we worked on my relationship with my father and explored our priest-slave relationship. It has been eye-opening for me and has allowed me to understand many things about my relationship with him and my own father. I also remember your help in achieving our goal of moving to Brussels, and I vividly recall your prediction that I wouldn't return to my previous life."



"I have consulted with Jay where he applied various techniques to get to the root of the problem and be able to give it a solution, in addition he has a special gift of connection with beings of light who through him give precise messages related to the topic. I highly recommend his work which he performs from love."



"When I arrived at Alejandra's office, I was immersed in deep sadness (even though doctors said it was depression). A friend had recommended her to me, and she had warned me that she was an unconventional therapist, which becomes evident from the very first moment. Not only does she incorporate everything related to energies and chakras into her work (a completely unknown world to me), but she also instills confidence in you the moment you cross the threshold of her door. In contrast to my initial expectations, my therapy with her lasted only a few months (previously, I had been with another therapist for two years), and this was thanks to the fact that, in addition to healing you (yes, Alejandra manages to help you recover, of course, you have to do your part), and I believe this is the most important part, she shows you the tools you possess. Firstly, to avoid relapses, and secondly, and no less important, tools to value yourself, achieve your goals, mend your relationships with those around you, make peace with the past, and ultimately be at peace with yourself and the world, learning to enjoy whatever life may bring your way."



"I met Alejandra through two very important and beloved people in my life. When I decided not to allow my distress to limit my life increasingly, I thought I was embarking on a lengthy therapeutic process with many doubts about the outcome because my mind was saying, 'If you break a leg, you get it casted and it heals, but if you have psychological problems, treatment is much more complicated...' I even initially doubted this type of therapy, so unconventional. However, Alejandra is a great professional and, above all, a wonderful person, warm and welcoming, who accompanied me throughout this process in which I knew what had triggered it but didn't know how to stop or control it, and just a few months later, my therapy ended... and what do I take away? I take away that nine years after the painful death of my mother, I was able to release the distress that was conditioning my life. I take away that I could understand that the role I played in the family made me assume responsibilities that were not mine to bear. I take away that I learned that the words with which you confront your fears can not only maintain them but also increase them. I take away that I realized, with surprise, that I imposed a multitude of duties or tasks on myself and hardly did any of the few things I enjoyed. I take away that I am powerful because I not only know the 'why' but also the 'how'... Thank you, Alejandra, for helping me on my journey."



"In a gentle and loving yet firm and accurate manner, Alejandra opened the door to what my soul knew but needed to speak out loud. The combination of all her knowledge and gifts, applied with precision, makes her therapy a truly healing experience."



"Your ability to channel beings of light is wonderful. In your sessions, I have experienced a sacred and safe space to release my energetic blockages, traumas, and limiting beliefs. Your loving presence and your capacity to listen allow people to heal on all levels."



"I couldn't be happier, she is a great professional with whom I have achieved many changes. She has accompanied me and helped me face my fears of pregnancy and childbirth. Friendly and close treatment. Very happy with the results. I highly recommend her!"



"I have learned to know myself, to love myself, to express what I feel, to overcome my fears, and to improve my personal relationships. Now I have a clearer understanding of what I want in life and how to achieve it."



"I went to Alejandra, who is a great professional and above all a wonderful person, warm and welcoming, who accompanied me throughout my process. Now I see myself as powerful because I not only know the why but also the how."



"Her way of speaking to me made me reflect, with questions that hit the mark, in a non-invasive way, leaving the work in my hands, making me feel fulfilled and with the new tools that I discovered hidden in my backpack."



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