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Biodecoding Dictionary

Biodecoding, also known as biodecodification, is a holistic therapeutic approach that explores the connection between emotional conflicts and physical ailments. It operates on the premise that unresolved emotional issues can manifest as physical symptoms or diseases. By identifying and addressing these underlying emotional conflicts, biodecoding aims to promote healing and well-being.

This approach integrates elements of psychology, biology, and traditional healing practices, encouraging individuals to recognize and release emotional blockages, thereby facilitating the body's natural ability to heal itself. Biodecoding practitioners work to uncover the subconscious messages behind physical symptoms, helping individuals achieve a deeper understanding of their health and fostering a more harmonious mind-body connection.

Many well-known authors have explored concepts similar to biodecoding, often under different names. Here are a few notable ones:

Dr. Bruce Lipton - In his book "The Biology of Belief," Lipton discusses how thoughts, beliefs, and emotions can influence cell biology and gene expression, aligning with the principles of biodecoding.

Dr. Christian Fleche - One of the pioneers in the field of biodecoding (also known as biological decoding), he has written extensively on how emotional conflicts and subconscious mind patterns can manifest as physical illnesses. Dr. Fleche's work emphasizes the importance of identifying and resolving these emotional conflicts to facilitate healing and overall well-being.

Louise Hay - Known for her book "You Can Heal Your Life," Hay focuses on the idea that mental patterns and beliefs can influence physical health, promoting the notion that changing thought patterns can lead to healing.

Dr. Joe Dispenza - In "You Are the Placebo" and other works, Dispenza examines how the power of the mind can affect physical healing, discussing the science of how belief and emotion can alter the body's biology.

While mainstream medicine continues to focus on the symptoms rather than root causes of disease, there is a growing movement to comprehend the link between emotions and illness. If you are are attracted to learning more we offer a Biodecoding Therapy to assist with understanding how your emotions are manifesting in your physical, mental and spiritual health.

Is Biodecoding the same as Epigenetics?

The connection between biodecoding and epigenetics lies in their shared focus on the influence of environmental and emotional factors on physical health. Epigenetics studies how external factors such as stress, diet, and emotions can alter gene expression without changing the DNA sequence itself, potentially leading to various health outcomes. Biodecoding aligns with this by positing that unresolved emotional conflicts can trigger biological responses that manifest as physical symptoms or diseases.

Both fields suggest that our mental and emotional states can impact our biological functioning at a genetic level, highlighting the importance of addressing emotional health to promote overall well-being. By resolving emotional conflicts, biodecoding aims to positively influence gene expression and support the body's natural healing processes, thereby bridging the gap between emotional experiences and physical health as explored in epigenetics.

Following is a small sample of biodecoding for common ailments:

Being Overweight

Back Pain


Irritable Bowel Syndrome


Upper Back Pain


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