The Ancestors Oracle

History of the Ancestors Oracle ✨🌟

With a heart of a spiritual healer and over two decades of experience as a psychologist, my path led me toward a truly transformative approach: working with ancestors through family constellations and understanding transgenerational legacy. Throughout these years, I have witnessed how this approach has become the core and driving force behind most of my therapeutic sessions.

This new chapter in my journey began while we were immersed in the vibrant surroundings of Louisiana, a place we chose for the purpose of healing and reconciliation, especially for my husband. His own healing journey and return to his roots, to his origins, have been the force that inspired me to embark on this creative journey.

This has been a labor of love, not only because in each card, I relive people, stories, and ancestral healings, but also because in each of them resides the magic of my own clan, supporting this oracle that I now share with you.

The creation process has been truly wonderful. This time, I have not only focused on the wording of the texts but also on the selection of images that deeply connect with the conscious and unconscious. Each card in this oracle becomes a door that opens to your true self, offering you the opportunity to heal, grow, and reconnect with your family tree and your familial system.

Allow yourself to receive the wise words that the universe has reserved especially for you, and let yourself be guided by the message that your ancestors have to offer. Discover the Oracle of the Ancestors and start healing and strengthening the roots of your family tree.

May the strength of your own clan continue to support your journey, as it has done with mine.